2019 Games & Activities

The MD Pony Meet is host to many original and exciting games, many of which change from year to year. Some games are played individually, while some require a little teamwork.
Are YOU ready to have some fun?
MD Pony Meet Scooter Race

A famous classic of the MD Meet! The Scooter Race uses G3 wind-up pony scooters on a custom built racetrack in a riveting multi-heat competition for first place! 

  • Scooters can be original or customized, but may not be given an unfair advantage (ie: a motor, etc)
  • Scooters can be "driven" by an adult G1 or G3 pony.
  • Scooters are available for use on site
Sea Pony Quarter Drop

No idea what to do with all that spare change? In this game, participants will have a chance to drop a quarter into a a water-filled, clear sea pony tank. Coins that land on one of the three raised pedestals earn participants a prize! All proceeds go toward the cost of the meet.

  • Quarters must stay on pedestals for 5 seconds
  • Change is available on site
Pony Raffle
Throughout the meet, participants will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to support the cost of the meet. This activity will distribute the rest of the items on the prize table, until all prizes have been given to meet attendees. Hostess, committee, and attendees all come together to create a beautiful table of pony prizes that you may just be ONE ticket away from winning! 

What will it be? A G1 MOC? A mail order pony? That really cool thing that you always wanted but never bought because it was too expensive? A coconut, perhaps? You'll have to wait and see! 
  • $1 per ticket, with discounts for numerous tickets.
  • No limit on number of tickets purchased.
Pony Pictionary
In Pony Pictionary, up to 4 teams will compete against each other for the most correct answers in a 3-minute time span. Teams will choose an artist to begin. The artist is shown a card with the name of a pony on it by the Game Captain, and must then use a combination of drawing on a whiteboard and good old-fashioned charades to help their teammates guess the name of the pony.

In the example shown in the game graphic here, Pineapple Paradise is represented by a tree (pine) + apple (apple) + two dice (pair of dice). String it all together, and "pineapplepairofdice" quickly becomes Pineapple Paradise.

Whoever guesses the correct pony first becomes the next artist, and so on until time is up.

Unicorn Ring Toss

In Unicorn Ring Toss, up to 4 teams will compete against each other for the most rings caught in a 3-minute time span. Teams will choose a "unicorn" to begin. The "unicorn" remains seated while the rest of the team attempt to land rings on the "unicorn's" horn before time runs out!.

Whichever team catches the most rings wins!

  • "Unicorn" must stay seated and may not use their hands.
  • Team members must throw from behind a designated line.
  • The artist may NOT draw ponies' symbols, words, or numbers!
Custom Contest

Every year is a different theme! Participants will create their own custom pony in accordance with the theme, and the winners of the contest will be determined by votes from the meet attendees.

  • This contest is only open to people who are attending the Maryland Pony Meet.
  • Maximum of two (2) entries per person.
  • Pony must be an actual MLP base (quality reproductions are allowed).
  • The custom you submit must be your own work.
  • You may enter a custom previously entered in a MDPM custom contest, so long as it was not the winning custom.
  • Contest entries will be judged by anonymous vote.
Applejack's Apple Toss

Participants are invited to compete by throwing apples through a hand-painted display with holes in it. Can you get it through the smallest one? If you can, you'll get the most points! 

  • Participants must stand behind the designated line when throwing.
  • Participants may each throw five (5) apples.
  • One turn per person. People are welcome to play for fun as much as they want after all scores are tallied.
  • No practice throws.
  • Points will be tallied based on which hole an apple is thrown through.
  • In the event of a tie, there will be a toss-off.
Surprise Events

You never know what might pop up at the MD Meet! 

Mini Claw Machine Games

For just 25c a turn, attendees are invited to test their skills at an old-fashioned arcade game--in miniature form! You never know what goodies will be inside the claw machine games, and they are refilled throughout the day with new prizes!

  • Each turn is 25c
  • Any game malfunction will earn a refund.
  • Change is available at the sign-in tablen
  • Special tickets or tokens may be exchanged at the Sign-In table
  • Play all day, as much as you like!