My Little Obsession Reviews and Media Mentions

“I LOVED it! Well worth the money!! Can't wait to get my friends to watch it! Perfect for all collectors, people thinking about collecting, or people who don't understand why we collect!! Lots of info and interesting people! “ - Britt
“A sincere, thoughtful, insightful and often funny peek into our world. This is invaluable if for no other reason than to be able to share it with your friends and family who might not really "get it" or understand your collecting.” - Danielle
“I was finally able to show my family I'm NOT the only My Little Pony collector in the world!” - Erin
“It is quite an amazing, entertaining documentary. A must have for Pony collectors, for sure! We really needed something like this to be able to show others that -this- is who we are, we're not weird or creepy for being a part of this wonderful hobby. We're just like anybody else.  - Allison
“Anyone who can make my other half laugh with me while watching something pony-related has got to be magical!”
“I picked up a copy at the My Little Pony Fair after watching it at the screening. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very entertaining and well done.“ -Zap
“The film was excellent with entertaining collector interviews and some great "inside joke" moments.” - Kerry

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