Artwork, Customs, & Videography


Digital artwork is my primary medium nowadays, though I have experience in pencil, pastel, and paint.


A “custom” pony is a pony in extremely poor condition which has been used as the base for a brand new creation. These are some of the pieces I have been commissioned to create.


Over the years, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the My Little Pony Fair & Convention as their videographer, editor, and artist. Below, you will find some of the various different projects I was commissioned to create.

Original MLP Fair Promo Video, filmed in 2015 and updated to reflect the current year

Bonus MLP Fair Promo Video

Updated and modified promo video for the MLP Fair West event

I also remastered and finalized the MLP Fair’s logo, as shown on the left, and created a fancier shaded version for the event brochure, shown on the right. Hover over for effect.

For many years there was an event held on the Friday before each convention called the Hall of Fame Celebration Dinner. This exclusive event was for ticket-holders only, and featured my videos in a ceremony to induct both a My Little Pony celebrity and an actual My Little Pony into the Hall of Fame. This event was discontinued after 2018.

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