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MBJ collection

How many ponies do you have?

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I managed to lose count! Can’t imagine why….. But my best guess is somewhere over 3,000 unique items. 

How long have you been collecting?

My first My Little Pony came into my life when I was barely old enough to talk. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Where did you find all these ponies?

Very few of the vintage items were actually purchased in stores during the time they were originally sold. I have a side hobby that presents a lot of chances to find ponies: treasure hunting! I scour yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions, where I sometimes find opportunities to add to my collection. You really just never know where something might pop up.

Why do you collect?

Ponies were an integral part of my childhood, and they have always brought me a feeling of nostalgia and joy. My collecting really began when I was diagnosed with a serious lifelong health condition in my teens, and the hobby provided me with an activity and a passion that I could participate in without risking my physical health in the process. It all sort of just came together that way, and since meeting some truly incredible fellow collectors over the years who are also now my long-time friends spanning decades, collecting ponies is something I continue to enjoy.

What is your collection worth?

Hmmm… No comment! 😉

Where did you get that giant “life-size” pony?

Now that is a story! Scroll down to read more about my life-size commercial prop. 

Can I come visit the pony room?

Sorry, the pony room is not open to the public.

Can I interview you for.....?

I am more than happy to conduct email interviews for educational endeavors or media articles. Please use the Contact button for more information.

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Collection Galleries

G1 Wall

G1 regular release and mail order ponies, sea ponies, playsets, petite ponies.

G2 Wall

G2 regular release, mail order ponies, international ponies and merchandise.

Central Wall

G1 merchandise, porcelains, plush, mint on card and mint in box.


G1, G2, G3 prototypes, molds, factory errors, and factory blanks


G3 and G4 plush, G1 international ponies and merchandise, Dream Beauties, G3 store display, G3 exclusives

G4 Wall

G4 ponies signed by voice actors and other celebrities, prototypes and factory errors, some items from other generations.

G3 18″ Charity Pony

Hand-painted 18″ pony from Hasbro’s Give Kids the World Charity auction.

Framed Pieces

Artwork by Hasbro artists, signed prints, awards, raffle prizes, and more.

Lifesize Commercial Prop

G1 Lifesize pony prop from a 1986 commerical. Visit the gallery for more information.

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