Wishes for Swap Events


Favorite color: Purple, combinations of purple and gold

Favorite pony: G1 Firefly

Favorite generation: G1

Favorite scents: Winter Candy Apple, Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, Eucalpytus Spearmint: generally fresh, light scents. Nothing floral or food-related.

Personal aesthetic: I love nature themes, bold vibrant colors, celestial themes, glitter, jewels, and fantasy. Pretty stones and geodes, shiny things, trees, interesting and unusual things too! I also love things that say “Jewel” on them, especially vintage items and signage. I also seem to be accumulating purple jewel-shaped glass paperweights….

Unacceptable pony flaws: Tail rust, pony “cancer,” permanent ink, gouges or body damage, significant paint rubs, pindot mold, dirt inside visible from the outside, haircuts, or smoke smell. HOWEVER: I will gladly take ANY ponies with great bodies and symbols that just need a rehair, too!

Easy box fillers:
– Cherry Chapstick
– General’s kneaded erasers
– Peppermint Tic Tacs
– Pocket-size hand sanitizer (see scents above)
– MLP stickers of any generation

Holiday Specific

– No horror or anything gross or grotesque
– Elegant, glittery decor items
– Fall-themed decorative items are great too! Pumpkins, leaves, and nature themes, etc
– Quality over quantity
– I like things I can use year after year

– I love reindeer, and deer in general
– I can’t get enough Christmas lights!
– Snow, glitter, snowflakes, and other seasonal decor themes
– Ornaments
– Quality over quantity
– Nothing religious, please.

Please do NOT send:

– Nickel (If the item is metal and doesn’t say “nickel free” then I am highly allergic to it. This only applies for jewelry.)
– Beeswax (found in many cosmetics and candles)

Please NO: Candy, chocolate, sweets, or food of any kind.

Need help? Contact RoseRebellion or BethMcBeth on www.MLPTP.net!

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